17 daily habits that distinguish successful people from everyone


Everybody wants their life to be above a certain average, but how much effort do you think they do for this? In fact, being successful in business and life often depends on being consistent, hardworking and disciplined. Based on these 3 basic concepts, experts analyzed the habits that successful people frequently make in their daily lives and observed 17 common habits.

1- Get up early

Starting the day early is a habit that brings in all respects. Most successful people can get up early in the morning and plan their days in the best way. In this plan; Besides having a good breakfast, sports, streamlining and finishing on time, there is also time for family and special tastes.

2- Taking a warm shower

Pressurized water touching the body in the morning awakens the body and mind. Especially, showering with cold water allows capillaries to spread more oxygen to the brain. This is a very important point that strengthens the brain.

3- Taking time for physical activity

Realizing that life is not about work, it is necessary to devote time to personal tastes. Remember that every environment you will find will feed you both socially and professionally.

4- Taking short breaks

Taking regular and short breaks while working increases the adaptation to the job and provides more efficient working opportunity.

5- Focus on quality instead of quantity

Most leaders evaluate their performance on a quantitative basis. How many meetings did I have today? How many people have I contacted? How many emails have I answered? In fact, instead of focusing on the numerical results of these questions, it is necessary to focus on how qualified actions are taken.

6- Taking time for long-term improvements

It usually ends up on a working day by wasting time to address short-term problems or needs. However, in order to see the big picture, it is necessary to reserve a certain part of the day for long-term works.

7- Focus on problem solving

Beyond ticking things to do on your work list, it is necessary to focus on something, which is to solve a problem. Think about what problem you eliminated during that day with your solution-oriented approach.

8- To be together with pets

Feeding dogs, cats or any pet gives a habit that looks small in life but is quite stabilizing.

9- Taking time to be happy

Two things that are often neglected but very important are joy and sleep. Joy makes people happy, creative and productive. Sleep is also very important for mental renewal. For this reason, you should put your sleep in a certain order and not disturb this order as much as possible.

10- Caring about meditating

We are exposed to a lot of stress during the day and one of the most effective tools to deal with stress factors is to start the day by meditating. When you meditate, you can calm yourself and prepare yourself for the intense process before taking on the difficulties in front of you.

11- To follow the product

Check the product you have every day. This is really important to ensure that the product is developed by adhering to the user's experience. Therefore, whether you are an administrator or an expert, always keep an eye on your product.

12- Checking the metrics

The best way to create a high-performance company is by evaluating the results of the measurements. For this reason, you should set realistic goals and evaluate the results of these goals well.

13- Ask yourself the right questions

Are we moving in the right direction as a company? Are we going through a difficult period? How is our income and expense status? You should question the current situation and shape your decisions accordingly.

14- To know how to listen

Creating a listening culture is imperative to fully develop the corporate culture. By listening and observing the questions / problems, you can ask the right questions and reach the result. Open dialogue with employees creates a collaborative learning environment and contributes to the development of companies.

15- Observing

It is very important to closely follow what people in the same sector or different sectors do, and to know which strategies they approach to problems. So you can make more strategic plans.

16- Getting an off-the-job activity

Having a hobby that you enjoy doing off the job creates a special space that will make you feel good and allows you to get rid of negative energies. This supports you to be successful by motivating you more against the next working day.

17- Visualizing success

What is meant by the visualization here is to make a visualization of this, thinking it is successful. In this way, you can be more motivated for the jobs you want to complete or for your achievements you dream of winning.