3 critical questions that HR experts are looking for answers


Candidates are evaluated in all aspects during job interviews. There are other things that are emphasized as much as one's abilities, education, and experience, and these may not always be discussed explicitly. There are 3 important topics in the Career Guide that HR experts evaluate candidates without feeling.

Recruiting professionals do more than listen to the answers to the questions they ask in a job interview. They also try to capture details about issues they do not ask directly. Therefore, the candidates should be aware of this situation and be careful both in their answers to the questions asked and in their general communication languages.

During the interview process, HR specialists generally look for answers to the following 3 questions:

1- Is it suitable for the company culture?

It is no longer enough for a candidate to have talent and skill. There are many criteria that are taken into consideration during the recruitment process. One of them is compliance with the corporate culture. For example; a highly talented candidate may not suit the corporate culture. In such a situation, employers may choose not to hire the candidate against them; because the recruiting expert is looking for the most suitable person to be part of not only the team but also the company.

2- Does it have soft skills?

Soft skills, soft skills have become very valuable in today's job market. While technical skills can be learned, soft skills are intrinsic and therefore more difficult to teach.

Soft skills that are generally expected to be in a candidate; time management, adaptability, collaboration, persuasion and creativity. Empathy and honesty, two skills that cannot be taught, are also important soft skills. Including these skills in your answers as much as possible will enable the HR specialist to get to know you better. You shouldn't forget to talk about your soft skills that help you succeed in your job.

You should not forget that the hiring manager will evaluate your soft skills along with your answers. Throughout the interview, it will be tried to make the right decision by looking at the body language, behavior and general tendency.

3- Is he willing to learn?

Developing technologies also require a mandatory change in business processes. For this reason, it is important for the employer that each employee has a willingness to learn. Every employee willing to learn is very important, as they are not afraid to go out of their routine work processes and have a structure that can easily adapt to the requirements of the age. This also ensures that the workforce remains up-to-date and competitive on the employer side.

Therefore, when talking to the HR specialist, you should show your willingness to learn. You can provide information about your time interview in order to learn a new skill that helps you achieve a goal.

You should not forget that the recruitment manager will not ask these questions directly. Therefore, when answering other questions, using these titles among the answers you provide will increase the chances of being hired.