Think twice before falling in love with your colleague!


Love in the office environment where most of the day is spent is a common situation. You may not have fallen in love with your colleague until now; however, we are sure that you will somehow see examples of this situation. What kind of difficulties can it be to try to run an emotional relationship in an office environment? The answer to the question is in our article today ...

An important time period of the day; When we think that we are living in the same place with the same people, we can understand that it is quite normal for businesses to be natural attractions for bilateral relations… Of course, this situation has its pros and cons as well. When you mix your love life with your professional life or you cannot manage the process correctly, you may encounter unexpected negativities.

"It is wise to think about how this will affect your career before you start a relationship with a colleague," says Bonnie Petrovich, vice president of Keystone Associates, offering career services.

As you can understand from these words, there are things you should consider before entering into an emotional relationship at your workplace.

Well, but what are these?

Your institution's approach

In some institutions, private relationships within the company may not be welcome. For this reason, it is useful to make sure that your institution is approaching these issues in order not to endanger your career.

Vivian Garcia-Tunon, the founder of the VGT Consulting Group, which provides services in career coaching and leadership development, says, “If people are mature enough and know their limits, it is positively reflected in the emotional relationship work between them.” With these words, Tunan is one of those who look romance to romance in the office. There are also companies that think like Tunan.

To reveal your love or not

Of course, you should decide with your partner who will know this when you live together. Of course, nobody should know your first date; however, it may become painful after a while to make sure that nobody understands in long term relationships. At this point, you should make the decision that is right for you as a couple, by looking at the course of the process.

What business relationship do we have?

Whether you are a business partner or a team that makes decisions that affect one another, it can be difficult to separate your personal and professional lives. If one side is in a higher position, it is always a question mark on how this power will affect any romantic relationship at work. Therefore, you should take into account how the business relationship is between you and have various insights.

How are my other relationships affected?

Regardless of the subject, the office backstage is inevitable. Especially if it is a special relationship between the two people… Unfortunately, people will always talk. Therefore, move the perception in that direction to talk about your business performance. As long as you both run your business professionally and succeed, you won't leave much to talk to anyone.

Can I treat him like an ordinary person?

Of course, the mediocre here is not meant to keep it at the same level as other people. The best thing you can do at this point is whether you can adjust the dose of intimacy well in the daily flow in the office.

What do I do if we leave bad?

Your relationship can start great, but what if you have a bad final, then what will you do? There is always the possibility of this situation, which is not even thought of when the relationship is going well. For this reason, you should make sure that the process to be experienced at a possible finish will not have a negative impact on your career.