Privacy Policy

As Truuv, our first and most important goal is to create a safe posting search environment for all our visitors. For this purpose, we make a high level of effort to protect the personal data of our valued visitors and their privacy on the internet.


When registering for the newsletter, the e-mail address we request from you is recorded in the database and used as a mail recipient in the newsletters to be sent weekly. Apart from this purpose, it is not possible to use or share with authorized / unauthorized third parties. When requested by lawmakers, it is shared with lawmakers within certain restrictions.

Visitor Statistics

Truuv uses the Google Analytics service to keep visitor statistics. As it is known, this statistical service records the clicks of visitors, page visits and usage behaviors and shares them with certain restrictions when necessary. However, as stated in the Google privacy agreement, the data shared with us does not contain any personal user data, and your IP address or postal address is not shared with us. You can access detailed information about Google Analytics' privacy and security policy here.

Search Statistics

Truuv anonymously records which subjects its visitors search the most, that is, without your personal information. In this way, we can show the most wanted listings on the site.

Except for the issues mentioned above, there are no issues related to your privacy. As a result of the changes and updates to be made on our site, if there is any issue that may concern your privacy and personal security, it will be shared with our valuable visitors on this page.